Lebh Shomea

Because of the pandemic Lebh Shomea House of Prayer is indefinitely closed  to guests

At Lebh Shomea House of Prayer, there is an environment of silence and beauty in which solitude is relished and supported — a mileau that fosters a deepened relationship with God. There are also communal aspects to time spent on retreat at Lebh Shomea (common areas such as the kitchen for individual meal prep, dining room, chapels, library, etc as well as necessary interactions between retreatants and staff).  Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this communal aspect of Lebh Shomea makes the House of Prayer vulnerable to the transmission of the virus.

As a spiritual community and a place of prayer, we have a social responsibility to protect the well-being and safety of our retreatants, employees and residential community. It is our intention to help, no matter how small, flatten the curve and stop unnecessary suffering and loss of precious lives. We will continue to assess the pandemic, comply with public health guidelines, and communicate any further decisions regarding this indefinite closure to guests at Lebh Shomea.

Here at the House of Prayer this period of closure to guests is being well-spent with prayer for all those directly affected by the pandemic, for caregivers and for our leaders. There are also special infrastructure projects currently being done involving maintenance and repair as this place is blessed to have 30+ buildings and vast grounds.

Give your servant lebh shomea (a listening heart) so as to be able to discern
(1 Kings 3:9).

Jesus would always go off to some place where he could be alone and pray
(Luke 5:16).

These two verses embody the spirit of Lebh Shomea House of Prayer at La Parra Ranch. The purpose of the House of Prayer is to assure a milieu and to furnish a place where a person can go off to at any time in order to be alone and pray. Lebh Shomea stresses the silent listening of the heart – contemplative prayer.