Francis Kelly Nemeck, O.M.I.

photo of Father Kelly

April 19, 1936 - September 11, 2014



photo of cross and sky


Give your servant lebh shomea (a listening heart)
so as to be able to discern (1 Kings 3:9).


Jesus would always go off to some place
where he could be alone and pray (Luke 5:16).


These two texts embody the spirit of Lebh Shomea House of Prayer at La Parra Ranch located in Wild Horse Desert, six miles due east of the small South Texas town of Sarita.  The purpose of the House of Prayer is to assure a milieu and to furnish a place where a person can go off to at any time in order to be alone and pray.  Lebh Shomea stresses the silent listening of the heart - contemplative prayer.



As we continue our spiritual journey, we join with all people who have faith in a loving God: Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and all other spiritual seekers in the family of God.


We hold in our hearts and our prayer all who are serving in armed forces and all who are suffering the consequences of war. May the peace of Christ reign in our hearts and in our world.


Remembering those who die, we are confident of God's mercy. Remembering those who mourn, we know they will be comforted. Remembering those who come to the aid of people in need, we thank God for the goodness of humanity which emerges through the ashes of destruction. Remembering the unity of creation in God our Creator, we behold God's generosity and compassion in our midst.


Together, may we work and pray for a world in which violence has no place, and each of us acts justly, loves tenderly, and walks humbly with our God.